Hall of Fame - Builders

Bill And Louise Schachow

Guildwood Tennis Club would like to recognize Bill and Louise Schachow for their roles as Builders of the Guildwood Tennis Club (originally named Kiwaniwood Tennis Club). Bill Schachow volunteered to be the main spokesperson for the Guildwood Community Association in the late 60`s, together with John McMillan of the South Kiwanis Club. They, as part of a group of volunteers representing the residents of Guildwood and Markham Bluffs, worked hard to persuade the City of Scarborough to build a recreational facility in the Guildwood Community.

Bill became the frontman by galvanizing public support for some kind of recreational project, emphasizing especially the need for local children and teenagers to have a sports facility. The original proposal called for tennis courts, a clubhouse, a swimming pool, and a skating rink. Bill wrote regular articles for the Guildwood News and Views, persuading many people to volunteer their services by canvassing every home in the neighborhood to raise money to demonstrate local residents` desire and commitment to the cause. The residents raised $8000. The City of Scarborough matched that amount, with the rest of the funds coming from a Wintario grant and $3000 donated by the South Kiwanis Club.

Bill dealt directly with Scarborough Parks and Recreation, as well as the contractor who was hired to build Phase 1 of the project:

- three tennis courts;

- the lights;

- surrounding fences.

The Kiwaniwood Courts were officially opened on July 27, 1970. Bill Schachow was the first President, and Louise was the first Treasurer. Louise Schachow also organized Ladies` Team tennis two mornings a week. The Kiwaniwood Tennis Club had 600 paid members that first year, with a waiting list to join. Bill and Louise and the rest of the Executive designed a thriving tennis program with offerings for men, ladies, juniors, as well as a competitive ladder competition. A fourth court was added a few years later to replace the horseshoe pit. The City eventually decided that the park at Elizabeth Simcoe School was too small to accommodate a pool, and so the pool was added instead to Wilfred Laurier Highschool in 1972.

Bill and Louise continued to serve on the Kiwaniwood Tennis Executive for the next 32 years, serving on the Executive in various positions from President to Secretary to Treasurer to Leagues and Tournament. Their dedication, energy, and leadership contributed greatly to the success of the Club over the years. Bill was awarded the Distinguished Service Award in 1998 by the Scarborough Tennis Federation. Bill and Louise moved to Pickering in 2002. Kiwaniwood was renamed Guildwood Tennis Club in 2008 to create greater awareness in the community.

We salute the vital role that Bill and Louise played in the development of the Guildwood Tennis Club, and are proud to induct them into our Hall of Fame.

Fritz Bigall

Fritz Bigall was a member of the original Executive of our tennis club, as was his wife Mary. Kiwaniwood Tennis Club (later renamed Guildwood Tennis Club) opened in 1970. Fritz was part of a group of tireless volunteers who approached the local Kiwanis Club to ask for their assistance in building a tennis club. The monies to build the club came from funds donated by local families, a matching amount from the City of Scarborough, a Wintario grant, and the Kiwanis Club.

Over the next forty plus years, Fritz continued to volunteer on the executive – as Maintenance Chair, STF Captain, Vice-President, President, and past President. His dedication and hard work were exemplary, and he went out of his way to welcome new members and to persuade existing members to join the Executive as volunteers.

During his time as President, Fritz had a special talent of making everyone of all abilities feel welcome. He also brought a sense of competitiveness to the club. During his time as captain, his teams won many championships and our club tournaments were becoming more popular.

In recognition of his service from 1970 to 2015, Guildwood Tennis Club is happy to induct Fritz Bigall into the GTC Hall of Fame as a Builder of the Club. We truly appreciate his love for tennis and our club
David Muir

David Muir was President at GTC for 20 years, between 1999 - 2019! As President, Dave Muir developed strong relationships with the City’s Parks and Rec staff, businesses in the community, the OTA, the STF and our local government representatives.

Dave built up the presence of GTC by implementing the name change from Kiwaniwood Tennis Club to Guildwood Tennis Club.

Dave worked tirelessly to promote our After- School Tennis Program for Juniors, and he maintained a wonderful rapport with the Club Pro Marina Pereira throughout those twenty years.

Under Dave’s leadership, competitive events that were losing popularity morphed into round-robin tournaments. Dave championed the Veterans Tournament, and he helped to organize the annual Year- End Tournament and BBQ/Corn Roast. Dave, as well as other members of the Executive, canvassed local merchants for prizes and support for this annual community event.

Dave’s hearty laugh, his willingness to listen and his commitment to the Club made him an excellent choice to lead a group of volunteers. Throughout the years, he showed appreciation for the efforts, enthusiasm and hard work of members of the Executive. Dave’s leadership through these years made him well respected by the Guildwood membership, and he is very deserving to be a member of the GTC Hall of Fame as a Builder.
Marina Pereira

Marina Pereira served as Club Pro and Junior Development Chair at our Club for over twenty years, between 1998 - 2019! She built up a dynamic and popular tennis program for Juniors over these years. Marina developed a wonderful rapport as coach and mentor for so many juniors, and she communicated well with their parents.

Several of Marina’s students went on to great success as recipients of tennis scholarships in the U.S., or as volunteers and leaders in the Guildwood Tennis Club.

Marina organized and ran free after-school programs in the spring, followed by affordable tennis camps for Juniors in the spring and summer. Marina also served as Club Pro and captained the STF Adult A team and various STF Junior teams. She gave free lessons to new adult members as part of our Club initiatives, and was always ready to help out the Executive in any way possible.

Marina was recognized for her life-long contribution to tennis by receiving the STF Distinguished Service Award in 2018. She is a fitting addition to the Guildwood Tennis Club Hall of Fame.