2023 Club Tournament Results

The 2023 Club Championship Tournament was played in August.  Winners and Runner-Ups received prizes donated by our sponsors and trophies were presented on  Members Appreciation Day. There was a main draw and a consolation draw in each event.  It takes courage to put your skills on the line. You try your best but every match must have winner and a loser. So cheers to these winners and a pat on the back to all who participated.  Well done! 

 Event Winner Finalist Consolation Winner
Ladies Singles Stella Lam Diane Lang Heather Reier
Men's Singles Gabriel Torres Adel Akrami David Alfonsi
Men's Doubles

 David Alfonsi

Jeremy Miranda 

Ron Hoekstra

Paul Mon

Kyle Bickle

Richard Le

Mixed Doubles

David Kinnersly

Ella Rose Kinnersly

 Oliver Rathbun

Heather Reier

 Raj Satchithananthan

Angela Talbot 

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