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Due to covid-19, there will be no STF teams for 2021

GTC Teams

Are you looking for a welcoming team that has a great time playing competitive tennis? Look no further! The Guildwood Tennis Club has three teams in the Scarborough Tennis Federation (STF) league. This is a local interclub league where we play home and away matches against other clubs in Scarborough. Our teams are comprised of the following:

Tennis Players

A1 & C1

Men’s Doubles 1

Men’s Doubles 2

Ladies’ Doubles

Mixed Doubles 1

Mixed Doubles 2


U18 Singles

U16 Singles

U14 Singles

U12 Singles

U18 Doubles

U14 Doubles

The Guildwood Tennis Club has a rich history of talented players playing on our teams, including Canadian Champions, Bill Boyce and Victor Krustev. In 2019, our last pre-COVID season, both teams did exceptionally well, finishing in second place!


Below are the 2022 team captains for each team and the days they play on.

  • A1 - TBD - Wednesday evenings

  • C1 - TBD - Tuesday evenings

  • Junior Mixed - TBD - Saturday Mornings

    • Includes FREE tennis training before matches

To view the schedule and scores, please go to the STF website or click on tennis scores. If you are interested in playing on the teams, there are spots open! Please contact the Guildwood Tennis Club for more information.

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