Guildwood Cup (Doubles)

Registered I Wednesdays | 7 - 9 pm I 6 wks I Sept. 8 - Oct. 13

  • Started Sep. 8
  • 10 Canadian dollars
  • Sylvan Avenue

Program Description

The Guildwood Cup is a team tennis doubles activity. Registrants are placed in teams of 5 or 6 with 4 players per team on court each week This means you can have a bye once in a while. You can ask to be on the same team as your buddy. Your team plays doubles games against a different team each week –after a 15 minute warmup you play regular games for 75 minutes. Each game your team wins gives your team a point. We tally the points for all the matches and the team with the highest score wins the Guildwood Cup. (Actually each member of the team wins a Guildwood Cup!). There is a social after the final round of the season. Because this is a team event, teams are encouraged to make up a name, choose a team colour, send spectators to cheer on your players, bring a mascot…. you name it! To take into account the varied abilities of the players on each team, there is an A match and a B match each week, and we use a handicap rule – this is definitely different! When one team gets 4 or more games ahead, the losing team starts subsequent games with a 1 point advantage. Each team supplies 1 tin of balls per week. DEADLINE FOR REGISTRATIONS IS WEDNESDAY, SEPT. 1, AND YOUR $10 REGISTRATION FEE COVERS THE COST OF THE SOCIAL. No payment is required until the schedule is announced. Email to for more information or to ask questions. FAQ's 1. Will there still be Wednesday Night Round Robin Doubles after Sept. 6th? No. Guildwood Cup replaces the round robin doubles. 2. Are Wednesday Night Round Robin players the only ones allowed to sign up for Guildwood Cup? No. Any member can participate - even the older juniors. Having a mix of abilities, genders and ages is ideal. 3. Will I have to play against much stronger or much weaker players? Not if the captains abide by the request to set up an A match and a B match each week. 4. What if I cannot commit to every Wednesday? Each team will have enough players so that there can be byes, and captains are allowed to “borrow” unused players from other teams if necessary. 5. Why is there a handicap rule? Guildwood Cup is friendly competition - no one has fun if the score is too lopsided. Sometimes a one point boost is all it takes for a losing team to get back on track. A one point disadvantage makes a winning team focus a little harder.



RAIN POLICY - PLEASE READ BEFORE REGISTERING Each program has a rain make-up date. If more than one class is canceled due to rain there are no additional make-up dates and no refunds for that class issued. If 30 minutes or more of the class has been completed prior to any rain it counts as a session and will have no rain make-up. CANCELLATION POLICY - PLEASE READ BEFORE REGISTERING All cancellations must be made in writing by email ( Refunds will be issued up to two weeks prior to the first lesson, less a $10.00 administrative charge Refunds are NOT available within the 2 week period prior to the first lesson, unless we can find a replacement. If a replacement is found, your refund will be less an administration fee of $10.00 No refunds once the program begins