the 2022 AGM is your chance to experience the new Clark Centre for the Arts!

Guildwood Tennis Club Annual General Meeting Date: Thursday, November 10, 2022 Time: 7:00 pm Where: Clark Centre for the Arts, Multipurpose Studio 191 Guildwood Parkway (Guild Park)

The program features a slide show, refreshments, survey results, in addition to the formalities.

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Agenda Welcome Approve the Minutes of the 2021 AGM Business Arising from the Minutes Changes to the Agenda Reports of the Committees for 2022 Facilities and Maintenance Junior Program Adult Program Membership Social Treasurer Website Design and Maintenance Report from the President

New Business Constitution and By-Law Amendments (*see below) Other new business Election of Officers and Committee Chairs for 2023 Slate presented (^see below) Nominations from the floor


*We move to amend the following: 1) Constitution, Article 6: Duties of the Officers, Treasurer The Treasurer shall perform such duties as pertain to the office. These duties shall include maintaining the financial records of the club and receiving and depositing all monies paid into the club. The Treasurer shall keep track of applications received and distribute membership tags. Treasurer shall keep track of membership revenue with the assistance of the Membership Committee, and paid programming revenue with the assistance of the Adult and Junior Program Committees. Further, the treasurer shall control the disbursement of funds as directed by the Executive, and shall render an account of all transactions, including the financial position of the club, at all Executive Committee Meetings and at the Annual General Meeting. 2) BY-LAW # 11 a) There shall be a Finance Oversight Committee to review the annual Financial Statement and, report directly to the AGM and certify on the accuracy of the report. There shall be a Finance Oversight Committee to review the annual Financial Statements, report directly to the AGM and report any anomalies found.

The Constitution and By-Laws of Guildwood Tennis Club can be found here.

^Slate of Nominees for Officers and Committee Chairs Officers President: Diane Lang Vice President: Cathy Carson

Past President: David Muir

Secretary: Rosemary Enright

Treasurer: Raj Satchithananthan Committee Chairs Junior Program: Cathy Carson Adult Program: Dan Lang Social: Rosemary Enright Capital Planning and Facilities: Frasier Bellam

Finance Oversight: Raj Satchithananthan Website Development: Daisy Morris

Membership: Angela Talbot Al Stafford Member at Large:


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