May 26th Update

GTC got off to a great start in May. The response to our membership drive was so successful that we are no longer accepting new members – a decision that was made because the online booking system cannot support larger numbers and because we want to ensure that there are plenty of opportunities for members to book courts. We are nearly at full capacity for lessons in June but there are several camp weeks available in July and August. If your preferred program is full be sure to join the waitlist.

Guests – Reminder: there is a guest fee of $5 per guest per day payable to any member of the Executive or by sending an e-transfer (use gtc2022 as the answer to the security question). If you wish to bring a guest, just tick the guest box when you book a court and enter the name of your guest. There is a maximum of 3 guests per member for the year.

The Executive of GTC has decided to dismantle the bleachers and re-purpose the lumber to construct a raised Memorial Garden with signage, adjacent to the courts. The exact location is still to be determined. We are asking members who have tools and/or muscles to help finish the demolition. Once the bleachers have been dismantled, we will need someone with design expertise to draw up a plan for the raised box garden, and then we will need a team for construction and planting. If you can assist with any phase of this project, or need more details, please contact Frasier via email at

Singles Ladders: Sign up for a ladder on GameTime. It is a great way to meet other players in the club and a great way to get to play a friendly match. You can find the rules on our website here. There’s a catch – you must CHALLENGE someone or ACCEPT a challenge in order to have fun! As of this writing we have several players on the Open Singles 3.0 <, but only two matches have been played in May. If you are on a ladder, set a goal for yourself to arrange at least one match every two weeks. Let’s see some action!

Good Luck to our three STF Teams this season:

Our Junior Team has played two matches already. This is a building year for our young players, many of whom have never played a match before, but all 15 members are eager to learn and enthusiastic to play. The Junior Team plays Saturday mornings.

The A and B2 Teams play on Wednesdays and Thursdays respectively. Both teams are home on June 1st and 2nd. Spectators are welcome. If you are playing at the same time as one of the matches, please be respectful in not interrupting a point to retrieve or return balls that happen to stray. Thank you to coaches Jared, Erwin, and Luc. Daytime Doubles: If you are lucky enough to have free time during the morning, there are two great groups who would welcome new players, all ages. The Ladies play Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Open Doubles, on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday, is for everyone. If you are new to the club or newly free in the morning, indicate your interest by booking here (scroll down to Free Daytime Ladies Doubles 3.0 or Free Open Doubles 3.5). You will be contacted by email to arrange to play.

Upcoming Social Events to mark on your calendars:

President’s Tea and Tennis Saturday June 25th, 1-3 pm. All women and girls are invited to attend for afternoon iced tea and treats. Wear your fanciest hat (tennis hat, of course) but be sure to bring your tennis racquet. This will be hosted by the Daytime Ladies.

Canada Day Fun Tournament Friday July 1, 9-12 noon. Think “Breakfast at Wimbledon” right here in Guildwood! This event is being brought to you by the Adult Program Committee and the Social Committee. Details to be announced soon.

Stay Connected

Guildwood Tennis Club now has a Facebook page ( that we encourage you to join in the hopes of creating an online membership community where people can get answers to questions, find people to play with and more!

GameTime is a great tool as well – log in to see your upcoming games as well as the activities scheduled at the club on any given day. If you need help to access your account, send a message to

Don’t forget the Guildwood Day festivities on June 4th starting with the parade on Guildwood Parkway, followed by food, games and displays in the Laurier parking lot, and ending with a barbecue and entertainment in the evening.

Thank you for joining GTC this year and for supporting our junior lessons, adult lessons, and summer camps. Thanks also to the many people who have volunteered to be on committees or to help behind the scenes. Your support is so important to us. Be sure to let us know if you have any concerns or ideas for the club.

Angela (membership), Satchi (treasurer), Cathy (junior program), Dan (adult program) Daisy and Carolin (website support), Frasier (facilities), Rosemary (secretary and social), Al (communications), Dave (Guildwood Day liaison) and Diane (coordinator in chief) have worked hard to get us off to a great start.


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